Student Spotlight features performances, compositions and recitals from the students of our Academy. For 2019, each month we'll select a student performance to be showcased in the Shankar Mahadevan Academy Student Spotlight series. 

Hindustani Vocals

Anushka Prabhu

Sur Taal festival 2018

Anushka Prabhu is a student of HV107. This 11 year old child who loves her music, was featured at the 'Sur Taal Festival 2018' held at the Jagriti theatre, Bengaluru.  Anushka presented Raga Khamaj Chhota Khayal followed by a Tarana both set to Teentaal with some beautiful Sargam work in this pleasant Raga. She concludes with a Meera Bhajan in Raga Hamsadhwani.

Carnatic Vocals

Anusha Venkatraman
Monthly Recitals, Ulsoor Centre, Bengaluru

Anusha Venkatraman is a student of Carnatic Vocals. Currently, she is at intermediate level CV203 learning from Yoga Kirtana. She sang Jagadoddarana Kruthi in Raga Dhanakaapi composed by Purandara Dasa, one of the 3 legends in Carnatic Music.

Grow with Music

Grow with Music Students

Terna Vidyalaya Annual Event - 2018

Our Grow with Music students performed 'Jungle Jungle' at Terna Vidyalaya Annual Event 2018.

Hindi Movie Songs

Fall Term Recitals Bay Area
Hindi Movie Songs Batch

During Fall Term Recitals at our Bay Area Centre, the Hindi Movie Songs Batch performed 'Chura Liya Hai' song.

Inspire India Project Mumbai

Inspire India Mumbai Students

Stories of Strength, Gateway of India 

On the 10th anniversary of Mumbai Terror Attacks, our students from IIP Mumbai performed with Shivam Shankar Mahadevan at the Gateway of India to salute the heroes of 26/11.

Inspire India Project Bengaluru

Shubham Karoti Gurukula Girls

School trip to the the World Heritage site - Badami Caves (Karnataka) 

During their School trip to the the World Heritage site - Badami Caves (Karnataka), the Gurukula Girls performed the Hello Song in 12 different global languages, before a set of European Tourists. The word "Hello" is sung in 12 global languages - Spanish, Swedish, Swahili, French, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Zulu, Korean, Japanese, Arabic and Hawaiin. 
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